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July 18
We are happy to announce the opening of our website featuring over 50 artists of Bali Indonesia.

June 2004
 Music Instruments
Costume Jewelry
 Incense Packs
 Batik Material Books
 Christmas Decorations
 Place Mats
 Drape Holder 
 Coconut Handicraft
 Menu Covers
 Miniature Music Instruments
 Room Decorations
 Primitive Wood Carvings
 Carved Wood Panels
 New Human Wood Carvings
 New Animal Wood Carvings 
 New Theater Masks 
 Marble Building Material

January 2004
19 New pages of Batik Materials 
7 New Sarong pages 
Bali Tile Roof Materials  

Wood Panels 2 pages  
Table Placemat 2 pages 
12 new Accent Pages
Batik Handbags 4 pages 
Wholesale Garments 8 pages 
Carved Wood Vegetables
Retail Clothing 
Christmas Ornaments

December  2003

Hand Painted Comforters
New Shoes  
Knit Hats 
12 new Accent Pages

Painted Eggs 
Wind Dancers 
Pottery / Terra Cotta
Miniature Guitars 
Coconut Inlay 

Wayang Shadow Puppets - 4 new pages
Engraving Materials

September  2003
Problems with our hosting company caused entire site to be lost. Two weeks of work has produced and some new security procedures to insure that this type of loss does not happen again. Art Export and PT Bali Global will no longer be using as a hosting service!

April 2003

Batik Painted Mirrors 
 Incense Packs 
 Painted Clay Incense Holders
 Costume Jewelry

 Bali Masks    
Wood Panels and Trim  
Wood and Rattan Motorcycles

 Custom Shoe Manufacturing  

 Wholesale Garment Manufacturing  

March 2003

 Primitive Furniture 
 Wayang Shadow Puppets  

 Dream Catchers   

 Iron Art  

New Miniature Surf Boards 
 Antique Keris knives 
 Leather for custom productions of raw material sale
 Trim / Molding / Accent Carvings


 Drums Djembe 
 Didjeridu Music Instruments

 Wind Chimes  

 New Wood Panels 
 Happy Buddha Carvings
 Dolphin Wood Carvings
 Painted Birds

February 2003

 Room Decorations 

 10 new pages of wood flowers    

January 2003

 72 Pages of Cast Metal Sculptures

 Insect Key Chains 

December 2002

Terracotta Plates

21 Paintings For Sale

November 2002

New Banana Book and Frames


Batik Mask

Gift Bag Ties

October 2002

Incense Holder

New pages of silver jewelry

September 2002

Wind Chimes and Mobiles

August 2002

New Pages of Christmas Ornaments

Surfing Boards

July 2002

New Pages of Iron Candle Holder

Large Sculpture for Sale

June 2002

New Pages of Sarongs

Silver Jewelry

Menu Cover

May 2002

Made Budi Paintings

New Pages of Teak Furniture

April 2002

New Pages of Handbags

Room Decorations

Primitive Furniture

March 2002

New Pages of Human Sculpture

New Pages of Sandalwood carvings

February 2002

Chess set

Snake Skin Wallets

January 2002


Inlay Resin

New Paintings

December 2001

150 Batik Textile Prints

7 New Pages of Paintings

New Home Page!

14 New Magnets

Recycle Books

Mother Of Pearl Coasters

A Hundred Buddha Position


20 New Wood Flowers

November 2001

Indonesian Music Instruments

Hand Painted T-Shirts

New Paintings

Native American Handicrafts

New Retail Furniture

October 2001

6 New Pages of Sarongs

September 2001

Home Building Kits

Pillow Covers

August 2001

New Handbags

Beaded Handbags

Placemats, Table Runners, Drapes

Coconut Shell Accessories

Home Building Kits

Pillow Covers


July 2001

1 page of New Animals

4 new pages of Wood Flowers

2 new pages of Paintings

1 new page of Human Wood Sculpture

1 new page of Spa Candles

1 new page of empty Spa boxes

1 new page Spa Oils

1 new page of miscellaneous Spa items

3 new pages of  pre arranged Spa gift boxes

Ceramic vases


Spa and Body Selection 

3 Pages of Stone Sculpting

2 Pages of Wood Panels

June 2001

Very Special Jewelry from Hawaii

3 Pages of Iron Art

May 2001

Spa and Gift Baskets

4 Pages of Christmas Ornaments

11 Pages of Bamboo Furniture

Color Chart

15 New Pages of Teak Wood Furniture

April 2001

Art of India

Christmas Ornaments

Banana Leaf Books and Menu Covers


Wood Stain Chart  

Bronze Sculptures

Very Special Carved Furniture

3 Pages of Woven Baskets

One new page of Silver Jewelry

Two new pages of Bali Paintings

7 new pages of Theater Masks

March 2001

All New Navigation Structure 

Art Export Site now in US Dollars

New Limestone Relief Carvings

New Limestone Posts and Temples

6 New Pages of Teak Furniture

Metric Conversion Charts

Plastic and Resin Fabrication

Customs - Basics of Importing into the USA 

Updated Shipping Information

New Airline Freight Option for Shipping

February 2001

Hand Bags


Bamboo Vases

New Animals Carvings

New Human Carvings

Custom Panel Design Pages

January 21st 2001

Carved wood boxes

Name and Business Cards

Hand Painted Silk Sarongs 

October 17th 2000

Wood Flowers and Miniature Trees

October 5th 2000 now open

New Shared Boarder

October 3rd 2000

Gold and Silver Smith I Nyoman Mulyadana

Paintings form the collection of Pondok Lukisan 

Stone Sculptor I Made Warja Mergog

September 20th 2000

Textiles by Norilalang 3 new pages 

September 14th 2000

New Home Page

September 5th 2000

More Animals

More Human Sculpture

Tools Now Available

September 4th 2000

More Animals

2 More Human Sculpture small things

More and More Cats

September 3rd 2000

Informative articles on Bali's life, culture, people, homes, arts, music, dance, and religion

September 1st 2000

New Sandal Wood Items
New Masks by Ida Bagus Anome

New Masks by I Wayan Muka

Aug 30 2000

site start

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