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  Art Export is able to produce almost any custom item in any quantity in any media. Our custom productions can be found in homes, businesses, movies and on people throughout the world.

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Home - Furniture pieces, Doors, Windows, Paintings, Wood Carvings, Home and Garden Accents, Building Kits and Materials.  When you need something for your home or garden that you canít find or can only see in your mind contact us.
Business Ė Specially Parts. Need custom parts for a custom production of your own that can not be made in the quantity or the price range that you require we may be able to help.
Movies - Our custom productions can be seen in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansions.
Apparel - Our Custom Garment, Fashion Accessories and Jewelry Productions can be found under many different brands in numerous countries. If you are a designer looking for a way to affordably produce your creations please contact us.

All Art Export custom productions are confidential and will not be posted to the Art Export site or reproduced without the permission of the purchaser or designer. Our company confidentiality policy covers any and all custom productions regardless of the number of pieces produced.

Art Export utilizes many tools and artists to produce custom orders for our customers.
Due to the nature of our business we have access to thousands of artisans and an almost unlimited labor force.
By doing all of our own web design and hosting Art Export and PT Bali Global are able to utilize the web and computer programs to aid in custom order design and production. Programs that we frequently use in custom productions include CAD, Corel, Image Composer, Photo Shop, Office, and Adobe.

If you would like to contact us regarding a custom production please contact us at with a description of the project. If you prefer you may also contact us via our online custom order form found at:

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