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Menu Covers


Teak and Mahogany



As restaurant owners, chefs and dining room managers strive to produce new and exciting themes tastes and experiences P30 works to design menu covers to accent their hard work.
Custom menu cover production is taken to a new level though the use of natural materials, skilled labor and a design staff dedicated to make the best menu covers available.
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 Painted Clay Incense Holders
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 Inlay Resin Bowls and Plates  
 Shell Plates   
 Shell Coasters 
 Buffalo Horn Boxes 
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 Snake Skin Wallets 
 Snake Skin Color Chart 
 Insect Key Chains, Necklaces
 Business Cards, Offset Printing 
 Restaurant Menu Covers 
 Place Mats Akar Wangi 
 Table Runners Akar Wangi 
 Drapes Akar Wangi   
 Buddha Poses 
 Engraving Materials 
Wood Carvings  

Coconut Shell and Wood

 Human Sculptures 
 Animal Carvings  
 Painted Animals
 Chess Sets 
 Walking Canes 
 Large Wood Carvings 
 Accents, Trim, Molding 
 Wood Flowers 
 Wood Trees 
 Wood Vegetables 
 Soap Dishes 
 Forks and Spoons 
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 Coconut Resin Inlay
   Professional Theater Masks 
 Bali Masks 
 Java Batik Painted Masks 
Jewelry   Woven    Building
 Costume Jewelry
 Bracelets 925 silver 
 Earrings 925 silver 
 Rings 925 silver  
 Lockets 925 silver   
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 Very Special Hand Made Beads    




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