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Hammocks Made from Hand Loomed Ikat Material imported from Timor.   Ikat is a traditional style of producing designs by tying and dying strands of weaving material and then weaving them into designs.  It is a very difficult process and one mistake in the tying process can make the end material un sellable.  

This item comes in many different patterns and we are not able to guarantee designs so please order by color only. Hammocks are available in blue, red, brown, orange, green, purple, and dark color mix.

Item # Textile 11
230 x 170 cm
90 x 67 inch
Price $36.93
Item # Textile 11b
210 x 110 cm
83 x 43 inch
Price $23.50
hamock.jpg (39552 bytes) hamock_end.jpg (46074 bytes)
hamock_pat1.jpg (38915 bytes) hamock_pat2.jpg (52880 bytes) hamock_pat3.jpg (32439 bytes)
hamock_pat4.jpg (46940 bytes) hamock_pat5.jpg (36401 bytes) hamock_pat6.jpg (45734 bytes)

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