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Our wood carving tools are of design native to Bali Indonesia and of the best quality.  For sale are all sizes and shapes of pre made tools and wood carving knife sets.  We also supply custom design tools and carving knives.  Designs of Balinese carving tools are very different from Western and other Asian style wood carving tools. 

Hammer Mallet
Item # tools 5
30 cm long
head 11 x 7 x 8 cm
$4 USD
hammer wood carving toolshammer wood carving tools
Hammer Mallet
Item # tools 4
26 cm long
head 10 x 6 x 6
$3 USD
hammer wood carving tools
Carving Knives

Left Item # tools 2
32 cm  $4 USD

Item # tools 3 
26 cm  $3 USD 

knives wood carving tools
At this time we are only able to sell full sets of carving tools directly through the site. In the near future we will provide single piece sales thought the site.  If you need a specific tool or a custom one please send us an email.  Our tool maker is the best in Bali, uses good steal and tempers all his tools very well.  He is also the best custom tool maker on the Island.
The sets that we have available directly for sale tough the site is the one listed bellow.  It contains 26 pc, one set Flat, Curved, Curved Small, Large, and Special. 
Sizes may vary slightly dew to the fact that they are all hand made.

Item # tools 1 quality A     $60 USD
Item # tools 1 quality B     $40 USD

Flat Carving Tools
24 cm long

tips 3 /  2 / 5 / 2 / 1 / .6 / .3 / cm wide 


wood carving toolswood carving tools
Curved Carving Tools
24 cm long

tips 2 / 1.7 / 1 / .75 / .5 / .3 cm wide
wood carving toolswood carving tools
Curved Small Tools
24 cm long

.4 / .35 / .25 / .2 / .15 / .1 / cm wide
wood carving tools
Large Carving Tools
25 cm long

Flat 4 cm wide

Curved 5 cm wide


wood carving tools
Special Carving Tools
25 to 23 cm long

4  L shape

2 V shape
wood carving tools
Left Special V tools

Right Special L tools
wood carving toolswood carving tools
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