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Ida Bagus Anom was born in 1953 in Mas, Bali, in the same compound in which he and his family live today.   This compound is the same place where this artistís father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and their ancestors have lived for over 700 years.  Anom inherited his artistic talents form his father, the noted maker Ida Bagus Ketut Gelodog, who taught him carving, dancing and puppetry.

Although Ida Bagus Anom began making masks when he was eleven years old, Anom first planned a career in the tourism industry.  After finishing high school, he attended the Academy of Hotel and Tourism in Denpasar, Bali.  Anom soon realized that he preferred the life of an artist and today he is an accomplished masker and dancer.  Anom loves his art and performs in many ceremonies, festivals, and specially arranged performances for visitors out side of Bali.  Masks made by this great artist are many and are based on Geek, Noh and Commedia designs.  He has created many original designs, such as the yawning mask, and the happy/sad mask.  

masker of bali masks, Ida Bagus Anom, artists, bali indonesia

-          Anom has made masks on commission for drama director Peter Brooke, actor Terence Stark, and Danish drama teacher Peere Brahee and other international performers and directors. 

-          He has crafted masks for the Womenís Art Festival in North Carolina in the 1991.

-          Anomís masks have been exhibited in Ginyar in 1985 at Gedung Pola in Jakarta in 1977, and in the Art Center Denpasar in 1970.

-          Photographs of his work have appeared in magazines, including Brutus (Japanese, January 1990) Tribune Des Uns and Des Autres (French, April 26, 1989) and Travel and Leisure (America July 1987)

-          In 1989 Anom appeared in a National Geographic special about Bali

 Anom has earned a reputation as a fine teacher of mask making and mask dancing.   For more more information please contact us.

Item # mask 1
30 x 30 cm  30 x 70 with hair

$523.71 USD

mask, by famous masker, bali indonesia, theater mask
Item # mask 2
30 x 30 cm

$346.21 USD

mask, by famous masker, bali indonesia, theater mask
Item # mask 3
30 x 30 cm

$346.21 USD

mask, by famous masker, bali indonesia, theater mask
Item # mask 4
30 x 30 cm

$346.21 USD 

mask, by famous masker, bali indonesia, theater mask


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