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Notes for all larger Garudas 150 cm and up
Painted Garuda prices do not include the price of gold leaf.  There are three different qualities of gold leaf that are available.  The qualities and there prices are as fallows.
1 box Type A     $237.00 USD
1 box Type B     $187.50 USD
1 box Type C     $106.25 USD

Type A and B look the same just differ in thickness.  Class A gold should last under heavy weathering for more than 100 years.  Type C is a lower quality gold.

If you would like your piece detailed with gold leaf please choose a type from the list above and include this information in you order.  Each Item has a given number of boxes that is required for its size.

Painted Garudas come in white / black / blue / and red, please indicate color when ordering.

These products are very special and take form 9 months to 4 years to produce.  They vary slightly in price according to carver, style, size and quality.  If you are interested in purchasing a larger Garuda choose what you desire from below and send us a order.  We will in tern send you an  inventory and detailed pictures of what we have in stock and the pieces that will be done in the near future.  

Item # wcbs 21
Jack Fruit Wood
150 x 80 cm
$900.00 USD

12j.jpg (82152 bytes)

Jack Fruit Wood
Item # wcbs 22
150 x 80 cm
$1,000 USD
This piece uses 1 box of gold leaf. when needed. 

13j.jpg (116274 bytes)

Jack Fruit Wood
200 x 95 cm

Item # wcbs 23 Natural color
$1,350 USD

Item # wcbs 24 Painted
$1,600 USD

1.5 box gold leaf

14j.jpg (163989 bytes)

Suwar Wood
Item # wcbs 28 white
400 x 200
$12,000 USD

19white.jpg (226465 bytes)

Item # wcbs 28 black
Suwar Wood
400 x 200 cm
$12,000 USD

19black.jpg (132966 bytes)

Jack Fruit Wood
On left wcbs 27   350 x 150 cm     
$12,000 USD
On right wcbs 29  400 x 200 cm   
$20,000 USD 

20.jpg (162337 bytes)

Item # wcbs 25
Jack Fruit Wood
250 x 150 cm
$11,250 USD

g22j_small.jpg (10725 bytes)

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