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Here are the woods that are most commonly used in Indonesia to produce art, furniture, building materials and handy crafts.  We are able to produce custom items in all of these woods and sell raw materials for builders and artist. If you would like to receive a price quote for raw materials please contact us with the quantity desired, size/shape, and shipping location. If you would like to start a custom order please contact us with a detailed description of what you are looking for or a picture.

  Indonesian Name: Suar
English Name: Tropical Oak

Price - Low
Availability - very available
Size -  large and small
Notes:  Carving quality AAA 


pangal_buana.jpg (12674 bytes) Indonesian Name: Pangal Buaya
English Name: Crocodile

Price - Low

Availability - very  available
Size -  medium and small


nangka.jpg (24006 bytes) Indonesian Name: Nangka
English Name: Jack Fruit

Price - Medium 

Availability - available
Size - medium and small 

Notes:  Carving Quality AAA, quality similar to teak


pinus.jpg (21290 bytes)   Indonesian Name: Pinus
English Name: Pine

Price - Low

Availability - available
Size -  medium and small

Notes: General Quality low


jati.jpg (22324 bytes)   Indonesian Name: Jati
English Name: Teak

Price - High

Availability - available
Size -  extra large to small 

Notes:  High quality A, Medium Quality B, Low Quality C
Notes:  Carving quality AA 


kamper.jpg (22666 bytes)   Indonesian Name: Kamper
English Name: Pine

Price -  Medium

Availability -  Low
Size - Large and Medium  

Notes: Hard wood

waru_taluh.jpg (22709 bytes) Indonesian Name: Waru Taluh
English Name: Hibiscus Brown

Price - High

Availability -  sometimes available
Size -   small

Notes: Very nice wood for small carvings

pinis.jpg (24633 bytes) Indonesian Name: Jempinis
English Name: NA

Price -  Medium

Availability -  Usually Available 
Size - Small


waru_lot.jpg (23747 bytes) Indonesian Name: Waru Lot
English Name: Hibiscus Green

Price - Medium

Availability -  usually available
Size -  small

Notes: light

belalu.jpg (25897 bytes)   Indonesian Name: Belalu
English Name: NA

Price - Low

Availability - available 
Size -  medium and small

Notes: light

mahoni.jpg (29147 bytes)   Indonesian Name: Mahoni
English: Mahogany

Price - Medium

Availability -  available
Size -  large to small

Notes:  High quality A, Medium Quality B, Low Quality C

Notes:  Carving quality B

sono.jpg (19771 bytes)   Indonesian Name: Sono
English: Sumatran Ebony

Price - Very High

Availability -  special order not often in stock
Size -  medium to small
Notes:  very hard


Also Available:
 Sandalwood, Bengkel , Penggal Buaua, Akasia, Bentawas, Mategamy, Ireng, Coconut, Brown Ebony, Garu, Ironwood, Marbau.

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